[Stats] All at once


[Mechanic] Blockade + Tower Upgrade

[Mechanic] Blockade + Tower Upgrade

Upgrading the Environment

Instead of relying on the environment for ditches why not just make a blockade? A player can select a hex tile and decide to upgrade it, forming a mound no enemy can pass unless they blast their way through! There will only be a limited amount of times you can blockade so use them wisely!


The player can then choose to upgrade their blockade with a tower to add even more defense!



[Mechanic] Tower Light Attack

[Mechanic] Tower Light Attack

Attack Rules

1. Once a Tower is placed it wil light up a tile sequence once an enemy is near it.

2. The Tower will light up a path to an enemy causing it damage within RANGE.

3. The light path will fade the further it goes giving out less damage.

4. The light path is triggered only when the metronome sweeps by.

5. A Tower will prioritise each light pattern based on the proximity of an enemy. Although some Tower Defence games allow you to prioritise an enemy based on these factors: proximity, power, speed.

6. The light sequence will sustain for 1 second at most. Once the metronome has sweeped, each tile will fade one by one starting from the 1st tile that lit up. (domino effect)



Level 0.1 [Path Layout]

Level 0.1 [Path Layout]

Level Plan

A simple Level design plan for a tutorial level drawn in Adobe Illustrator. I have to take into consideration how difficult I should make each level. I can control the difficulty by widening the path ways allowing for more enemies to swarm in. 1 hex tile abreast of a path will make it easy for the player as there will be less enemies.

3D Whitebox

I modelled the plan in 3D using Maya. The perspective is isometric, this is the default view the player will start in, this perspective is ideal to see the overall battlefield, the player will also be able to use 3D navigation to pan, orbit and zoom in.

Why Hexagon Grid?

Learning from our previous prototype we discovered that the Soundwave graphics cluttered the screen and confused the player. Using a grid means graphics can be contained within the floor, a space that does not interfere with the Invaders or tower emplacements. Instead of using Soundwaves I have decided to use ripples that flow across the tiles. The Hex tiles could also glow when sound passes through; to further indicate the rhythm of music.

Gun Tower Emplacements 

The pole to the right represents a tower emplacement. The towers will be placed in the centre of each Hex tile, this prevents the player from blocking paths. At this stage I am also considering using ‘Non-Buildable’ tiles to restrict the player so it increase the creativeness of their strategy, this will also make the gameplay more challenging and not too easy.