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[Mechanic] Blockade

[Mechanic] Blockade

Maze The Enemy.

Restrict the path and ‘Maze’ the enemy into tighter paths making man made Kill Zones.

> The Player should probably be limited to how many blockades they can use at once.

>The blockade is also limited to how long it will stay on the battlefield for. Something like 20 seconds. This needs to be tweaked in the balancing phase.

Asymmetrical Map Plan (Bomb Rush)


Asymmetrical maps can give an unbalance to 2 opponents, in this case the defenders have a shorter route to travel in order to defend the locations from bombs being placed. The balance of this map diagram is an example of how a tower defense map could take form:

Asymmetrical Elements:

> Longer routes for attackers (more time to defend points)

> Larger battle area infront of attackers to cross.