ipad Interface Test

This video points out all of the little bugs that slows down the player’s interaction.


Tap on a hex cell to bring up the tower selection menu. Press and hold onto a tower button to reveal the tower’s stats. (in this case the yellow tower)


Tower Deployment Butons

Tower Upgrade Buttons

To reveal the Stat boxes from each button the player will have to learn that they can access this information by touching and holding down on a Tower or Upgrade button. Once their finger releases the stat box disappears however the tower buttons will still remain. The button menu will not vanish until the player has made up their mind on what tower to tap on and deploy. Alternatively the player could tap elsewhere on the screen (that is not a Hex Cell) to cancel their action.

[Interface] Push And Hold Buttons

[Interface] Power-Ups

 Tower buttons appear once you press a hex tile. The menu locks into the middle of the screen until you select a tower or cancel the menu by ‘touching out’  (touch anywhere that isn’t a button) A tinted vignette fades out non tower menu elements such as power-ups or hex-tiles. This focus’ attention to the tower selection; forcing the player to make a choice.