Hexagrid Ai Personalities

  • Added weight to the danger posed by the tower in a radius.
  • Added support for multi-channels pathfinding where calculated path of one unit type may not be the same as another’s; Big unit won’t be able to go through partially blocked cells, and slow units will be much more likely to avoid going through a tower’s attack radius than fast units (4 times more likely, in fact).

10 comments on “Hexagrid Ai Personalities

    • It’s now a tag in the Intruder gameobject, “AI Mode” (or some such). There’re only the options I said so far, though. And currently the only difference is how they process the Tower’s danger zone.

      Also, the tower get new property “Radius” (to soon replace the old Base Radius field), which specify number of cells this tower has effect of, and how much of a danger does this tower pose. I expect the number to double and quadrople as it get upgraded.

    • I’ve just got an idea that certain tower may be more efficient toward certain enemy types, which should make the enemy avoid the them more. And maybe another tower that ‘obscure’ the danger in a certain radius, by certain point depending on its level?

      Hmmm…that actually should like an idea!

  1. that might mean you’ll have to use weaker towers to attract tougher enemies and then quickly destroy them by suddenly placing power towers. Maybe the game requires the player to keep switching tower types in order to attract smart enemies. Instead of just leaving your towers in one place throughout the game. This could encourage the player to move around the map and explore different sounds. But it might be a little complex, I do like this concept of herding robots.

    • Well, it sounds bit complex even to me :p Could always go with the obscuring tower idea? Like a radar jammer of sort that reduce the apparent danger in the coverage area, luring the enemies into the tower zone.

  2. Oh yes the blockade makes visual sense! The player could extrude a Hex tile by simply clicking onto it and upgrading it! The player will see a visual change of why the enemies will change their path.

    • HmmMmm~ So, it’s like a wall surrounding the cell, blocking movement? Or maybe some kind of wired fences? Then you could also build the tower inside, like an upgrade. Normal tower doesn’t block, but you could upgrade the cell to have a fence.

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