[Mechanic] Tower Light Attack

[Mechanic] Tower Light Attack

Attack Rules

1. Once a Tower is placed it wil light up a tile sequence once an enemy is near it.

2. The Tower will light up a path to an enemy causing it damage within RANGE.

3. The light path will fade the further it goes giving out less damage.

4. The light path is triggered only when the metronome sweeps by.

5. A Tower will prioritise each light pattern based on the proximity of an enemy. Although some Tower Defence games allow you to prioritise an enemy based on these factors: proximity, power, speed.

6. The light sequence will sustain for 1 second at most. Once the metronome has sweeped, each tile will fade one by one starting from the 1st tile that lit up. (domino effect)



2 comments on “[Mechanic] Tower Light Attack

  1. Hmm…that’s actually an interesting idea there :O Rather than having an attack radius, the attacks happen to an entire cell in range, as well as shortest part leading to that cell? That change everything. It certainly fix the problem with having to wait for the beat, too, since all attack would become area-of-effect.

    The question is…what type of towers would there be, then?

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