[Level Assets] Cliff Scenery

 Natural Cliffs

To lower the detail of the scenery even more I decided to model cliff formations. I took a hexagon polygon and extruded the faces until I got a more natural shape. I took inspiration from the film Tron Legacy.

Hex Cliffs

A hexagonal landscape surrounds the battle platform as if its suspended in a canon. I found there was too much detail so I darkened the lights to focus the player’s attention.


Tron legacy or the game Tron Evolution had more natural looking rock formations to represent raw or unorganised data.


3 comments on “[Level Assets] Cliff Scenery

  1. Personally, I like the idea that everything terrain is made of hexagon, it give the feel that the game grid itself is part of the terrain, espectially if you make it look like pillar that disappeared into the darkness below, rather than floating plates 😀

    Maybe broke the hex pillar into pieces, have them roll around on the ground below and add fog to it? 😀

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