Bake Process Explained: Battle Zeppelin

My last post was all text, so here is a visual representation of the process.

Stage 1: The Toon shader in Maya. The problem; No black outline when imported into unity and no depth of texture.

Stage 2: Create a quick and usable UV, nothing amazing, but must be separated and not overlap. The seams must be placed in a desirable place, otherwise it creates a black outline when it comes to rendering AO (this may be a desired effect). Using Mental Ray (Render tab – Lighting and Shading/Batch Bake (mental ray)) Bake the Toon shader colour information without the Toon outlines, essentially extracting the colour information.

Stage 3: In a similar method to stage 2, extract the AO information into a baked texture. Change the output method to “occlusion”

Stage 4: Merge the 2 texture outputs in Photoshop, and apply to a Labert or Blinn shader. Above; realtime toon shader with AO.


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