[Level Design] Hex Grid Problems

[Level Design] Hex Grid Problems

The Problem
A hex grid requires more calculations as it has 6 vertices and is an odd number, this is givving Annop ‘Nargus’ some problems and extra work!

Why We want It?
It looks great! Putting the aesthetics aside the hexagon is used in table top board games because it makes a seamless pattern with no holes in between the shapes, these holes can be found in Octagon grid, it disrupts the visual fluency of the eye and can damage the immersion factor if the Octo tiles are painted with textures.

Other Solutions
I laid out a square and Octagon grid to compare, these are the easiest to calculate as they have even numbers. However they lead to regular patterns that can be read too easy, these grids do not provide any visual irregularity such as curves which can lead to a less dynamic looking design.


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