[Scale] Enemies & Set Dressing

[Scale] Enemies & Set Dressing

The Invaders

I placed Dan’s robot tanks within the level to adjust scale by doing this I can roughly estimate that 2 invaders can sit on a Hex tile at a time. (depends on how big the invader type is, in this case it is 2 tanks) I also placed an Invader around a Tower to see if it fits. The Invaders have to be able to go around the towers without falling off or merging with geometry (i.e going through walls)

Set Dressing Buildings

I placed taller Hexagonal prisms to represent half destroyed buildings to set the theme of the game. There is a visual challenge here:

> The buildings to the left hand side (furthest away) look great as they are out of the way and not so dominant.

> The buildings closer to the player have become over bearing and take the attention away from the battle ground. These buildings can not be too tall otherwise they will block the view of the battle, they have to be stacked from small to tall (the tallest building has to be further away so it does not obscure the view. However by placing buildings from small to tall can can make the city look fake. The player should not work out why the designer placed the buildings in this order as it will ruin the game immersion.

I have learnt less is more and set dressing has to be finely balanced as well as irregular for it to look convincing.


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