[Mechanic] HILLS, an Upward Struggle

[Mechanic] HILLS, an Upward Struggle

The Hill mechanic will make Invaders progress slower. These obstructions will make the game more tactical. The player could force the Invaders to go uphill which will give more time to destroy stronger units. The player could potentially ‘heard’ the invaders into these areas by placing a high concentration of towers at one end, making the enemy choose to go uphill.

Grid Mismatch Problem
Ideally the hill has to match the grid to simulate a Truncated icosahedron. (hexagonal sphere) To make the terrain look as if a hill is bulging out of the grid forming a more natural feature out of a not so natural terrain.

At the moment the tiles do not match, a formula will have to be used to generate this kind of terrain, this is something Annop (coder) will help me with.


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