Shaders and Effects

Trying glow shader that work with mobile devices and attack effect on the units! Can’t say for sure how this will work out with lighter scene yet. Null pointer bug is now fixed and all units should now use “Reflection/Bump Specular” shader to be competible with new shader effect. Some effect options could also be changed in “Main Camera / Effect Controller”.


[Level Design] No.2

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Level Designs



Hex Tower Attack!

As the metronome code from Jorge has not been done yet (far as I know), I do a quick function creating a loop to call all cells in waves. The first “Local Hex Tower” is now working! Well almost, there’re still a few bugs there, but it has fade-out cell color and everything!

Talking to Alex today. He says going to pull the project from me today to get the latest code.

[Mechanic] Colour Blend

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If the player crosses two primary colours it will mix and form a new colour  (red + blue = purple) which will give more points to the player and deal more damage to the Invaders. This could be a way of building up combos to add to score system.

Free Online 3d Storage : Check Out the Models!!!

Thanks to our buddy Avi for pointing me in the direction of a GENIUS free online storage and gallery for 3d models. The site allows you to upload all your models with textures for all to view, like a simple online real-time view-port. Im loving this site:

Check out my models:

Lil Jorge (Click to view in 3D)

Lil Jorge (Click to view in 3D)

Bake and Ocean Shader – In Game Dynamic Turntable

After i baked lil Jorge with an AO and Toon shader process, i decided to use an Ocean Shader to illuminate the glow of the robots. Fitting with the new aesthetic of  the game, less Diesel punk more neo Tron 😀


here are the results:


[Mechanic] Blockade + Tower Upgrade

[Mechanic] Blockade + Tower Upgrade

Upgrading the Environment

Instead of relying on the environment for ditches why not just make a blockade? A player can select a hex tile and decide to upgrade it, forming a mound no enemy can pass unless they blast their way through! There will only be a limited amount of times you can blockade so use them wisely!


The player can then choose to upgrade their blockade with a tower to add even more defense!



[Mechanic] Ditch

[Mechanic] Ditch

Environmental Trap!

The ditch slows down the Invader. The player can try to re-route the enemies in this environmental trap by placing heavier gun Towers in other choke points forcing the enemy to tackle the trap!

This is the simplest way to visualise a ditch, the previous version was too complex as I wanted to deform the hexagons into spherical shape making a smoother but higher poly ditch.


Hexagrid Ai Personalities

  • Added weight to the danger posed by the tower in a radius.
  • Added support for multi-channels pathfinding where calculated path of one unit type may not be the same as another’s; Big unit won’t be able to go through partially blocked cells, and slow units will be much more likely to avoid going through a tower’s attack radius than fast units (4 times more likely, in fact).