rjlib – making some noise

For a quick start, replicating our live tutorial:

1. In Pure Data go to Preferences > Path and add the “rj” and “pd” folders you downloaded from the rjlib github.
2. Open “rj/s_cwc-help.pd” and press “pd detailed help”

This will get you something with a GUI to play around with. You can start from some presets. Those sliders drive a 4 harmonic oscillator synth. You can modulate it with a waveshaper and FM (frequency modulation) stage.

To go on exploring, the rjlib wiki gives a nice general overview. Just some shortcuts:

1. Open rj/OVERVIEW.pd and you can click through a list of the objects available. They are split into readable categories. Probably the best start is with the Synths section.

2. When you are confortable with the structure, open the help files straight from the rj folder. Their prefixes help you understand what they do:

s_ synthesizers and instruments
m_ mapping objects (translate events into parameters of synths and effects)
e_ effects and filters
c_ control data generation objects
u_ utilities
g_ GUI objects


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